(More about BAT Publishing may be found in the February, 2015 posts “How BAT Publishing Works” and “Spread Your Writing Wings”.)

BAT Publishing is my brainchild created in the 1980s after I worked with a children’s magazine I named “Connections”. Following the magazine’s success, I decided to promote my own novels, novelettes, and short stories that include my own art designs, Roughcraft Art, and photography, with BAT Publishing.

I became interested in photography more intently in the last few years. In particular, I concentrate on birds, flowers, trees, and general scenery. In our apartment building’s backyard alone, I’ve photographed over 20 bird species.

Some of my photographic work has been submitted to our annual county fair exhibitions and may be found at:

My additional random photography can be viewed on WordPress at:

Roughcraft Art is based in individual geometric designs in which I also use stenciled figures and free-hand drawings that appropriately enhance my stories and their softcover book covers.

Although I am basically a storyteller (Primary WordPress blog);

with a passion for sports and games;

and animals;

I’ve found that my Roughcraft Art and photography appeal greatly to my dominate creative genes, and I love to find ways to add them to my storylines:

I hope you enjoy the stories of my life and the stories that have created my life, here, at WordPress. Thanks for stopping by!

— My Writing Life Xposed blog mentioned above contains a listing of all 19 of my other blogs, here, at WordPress, on its “About” page;

as does my Composite blog at;

and my Second Primary blog, Horses and Animals Are Talkin’, where animals make their own decisions.

— Fans and Gamers features excerpts from my Novels In A Nutshell series. Contact me in the comments section of any of my 20 blogs, here, at WordPress about obtaining a free mailorder list and discount coupons for my Novels In A Nutshell products.

You may also order directly from my Website’s Contact page.

Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg




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