The Long and The Short of It


At my blog Fans and Gamers, you will find chapter excerpts from my Novel In A Nutshell “FANS”. The excerpts are brief passages from the story’s longer version. And sometimes, a novel, novella, or novelette, will produce passages that in themselves can become an individual short story.

Such was the case with the following short story I titled “Plastic”, which resulted from actively separating several paragraphs in two different chapters from the rest of “FANS” to express an important part of the whole story in a profound short story all its own.

Here, from the Novel In A Nutshell “FANS” is the short story:





+++++++ END Short Story “Plastic”

There are 26 mini chapters to “FANS”, but this pivotal moment in Rodd’s life became its own story within a story. Such opportunities to glean more from your long story in a short version aren’t always possible, and sometimes the opportunity pops up in front of your nose!

— Note: The two originally typed pages of “Plastic” are scanned copies for use, here, at this blog entry.

Photos, Artwork, and the short story “Plastic” are from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg.



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