The Long and The Short of It


At my blog Fans and Gamers, you will find chapter excerpts from my Novel In A Nutshell “FANS”. The excerpts are brief passages from the story’s longer version. And sometimes, a novel, novella, or novelette, will produce passages that in themselves can become an individual short story.

Such was the case with the following short story I titled “Plastic”, which resulted from actively separating several paragraphs in two different chapters from the rest of “FANS” to express an important part of the whole story in a profound short story all its own.

Here, from the Novel In A Nutshell “FANS” is the short story:





There are 26 mini chapters to “FANS”, but this pivotal moment in Rodd’s life became its own story within a story. Such opportunities to glean more from your long story in a short version aren’t always possible, and sometimes the opportunity pops up in front of your nose!

— Note: The two originally typed pages of “Plastic” are scanned copies for use, here, at this blog entry. Also read more chapters from my NIAN “InterlockED” at:

Photos, Artwork, and the short story “Plastic” are from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg.



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