Writing Is A Flower Garden

A process that grows through many stages, writing itself resembles a flower garden. Words begin with budding promise; sometimes they bloom to full maturity; other times, their growth fades and withers on the vine.

NikonCeebedheadCardinalsGreeniesTreesFlowersBirds 041
There are times when words develop into a surprise in your story and blossom into a whole different piece in your writing garden.
Different colors and thought processes sometimes enter your writing garden, watered by abstract feelings and subconscious images…

As you grow your writing garden, some colors may dominate and become prominent  characters you hadn’t counted on, and some may blend into equally important protagonists, while others stand side by side in action as they tell your story.

In scenes written, they’ll be a glitch, or two, while others come shining through!

No matter the struggle, or the strife, in your writing garden life, blooms will triumph and your story will survive, if you only answer the call to persevere, while enjoying the ride…

to success! Your colors will separate, and your thoughts and scenes will burst forth to clarity and fullness.

Only don’t stop! The real story of your writing garden is glorious, diverse, rich, and fed by Nature itself, and victory is yours.

Feed your writing garden and it will feed you in return!

Photos from the personal and copyrighted writing garden of Barbara Anne Helberg


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