Oh Brother…

Pictured above is the Brother Word Processor that introduced me to modern typing technology. It was a revelation, since my first typewriter was an old Royal pound-the-keys-hard machine that wore the fingerprints off both hands. Some writers of habit never did take up word processing, and I admit to being a hard sell myself, but somewhere along the way, I saw the benefits and took up the practices of desktop publishing and self-publishing. Of course, computers were the next game changers, and I made myself learn a little about those, too!

Producing my own short stories and novelettes and other products has occupied me (through my own established BAT Publishing) for a major portion of my life. While “Seawind” — see the blog “My Writing Life Xposed” — always was my main project, other tasty tidbits cried out from somewhere inside me to be created and fixated on paper. And I always obliged my gut instincts.

Roughcraft Art came into my creative mind as a way to include artwork and drawings in my handcrafted bookie endeavors. See Roughcraft Art for more on that!

Over the years, I found much satisfaction in producing my own work, as self-publishing allowed me to choose my own markets, work at my own deadlines, and freely share information with other writers and artists, notably across the Internet.

How does your writing garden grow?

Photo from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg



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