POV and NORMAL THINGS Story Revision Two

A switch in POV choices can create a positive, or a negative, ending more swiftly than a  knife slice.

The following story Normal Things (Revision No. 2) ends on a positive note as far as its viewpoint character, FBI Inspector Mariano Stonebreaker, is concerned. The original story was written from the viewpoints of Stonebreaker and of the killer he was pursing. That original story (and its first revision written from the killer’s POV only) may be viewed at my:

There you also will find more thoughts on POV switch, endings, story point, and story pace, all of which also are discussed further below this scan typed copy of Normal Things (Revision No. 2). (Please have patience with the rather large gaps in the story pages here that were created by the scanning process!)


These exercises in revision all go to show what you may accomplish by working and reworking your own material before you think about publishing it yourself in lieu of seeking traditional publishing outlets.







006It would be conceivable, also, to conclude this adventure at the end of Page Four, when Stonebreaker sees Thad is safe sitting in the police cruiser. However, it cried to me to end with Stonebreaker’s “normal things” thoughts, and before that happened, I wanted to compare his work day experience with his every day experiences by having him think about his kids’ world of normal things.

POV is a powerful tool, even in today’s fast-paced reading.

Photo and Story from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg

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